To create excellence through coaching,
begin with excellence in coach training. 

Darwin was right!
In today’s market, it’s the fittest that survive and succeed. But what does it mean to be “fit”?

A “fit” organization is built on people who
· Are adaptable and resourceful
· Are principle-oriented and goal-directed
· Recognize and build on their strengths
· Hear & evaluate the viewpoints of others, & communicate effectively without antagonizing
· Articulate their values, and realize how they align with the organization’s
· Assume responsibility for themselves, and avoid over-responsibility for others
· Are secure within themselves, yet recognize their dependence on others
· Can discard old beliefs in favor of new
· See the creative opportunities in conflict and challenge
· Love their work!

Build your organization’s strength and resilience
by building these qualities in your personnel, through coaching and coach training

What have you got to lose if you don’t? Add it up!
· What is the cost to your company when your people don't lead their staff or colleagues effectively?
· What does it cost to lose a trained worker and then have to rehire?
· What is the price of opportunities missed because of limited vision?
· How can you move forward, if everyone is going in different directions?
· What potential is lost when your personnel aren’t performing optimally?

Coaching builds better workers and leaders for your firm, while moving individuals toward greater fulfillment in their work and life.
We help your employees get the most out of every day, and align their personal values and motivations to that of the organization. It's win-win.

"Recent studies show business coaching and executive coaching to be the most effective means for achieving sustainable growth, change and development in the individual, group and organization."
-- HR Monthly

Coaching Proficiency: An Essential Skill for Today's Leaders
Today’s leaders and managers are expected to be effective coaches to their employees, but few leaders feel really confident in their coaching skills, and they often have only a vague grasp of what coaching really means. That gap in coaching proficiency has a big impact on productivity and bottom line, since coaching is the single most effective method available to enhance performance and development. When coaching is ineffective, or even avoided, opportunities to maximize individual and organizational potential are lost. It’s like a slow leak of your most valuable assets.

Our Workplace Coaching Skills for Leaders & Managers program can help stop that talent leak.

Corporate Services of
Adler School of Professional Coaching-SouthWest, LLC

Our corporate coaching and training services are for organizations that are committed to producing extraordinary results.
The objective of this program is to have teams that see a shared vision and deliver peak performance. This program requires people to stretch and shift perspective about what's possible. The participants then produce extraordinary results in a way that is measurable and sustainable.

We support organizations worldwide through innovative training and coaching programs that:
· Contribute to efficiency, productivity, and achievement of corporate business goals
· Assess and implement corporate renewal in response to changing business conditions
· Transform communication and conflict resolution in the workplace
· Support professional and personal development of all employees
· Integrate and enhance existing training and human resource programs

Our corporate services are flexible, and can be tailored to meet your needs.
Initially, we visit with key personnel to determine the values and goals of the organization. Together, we discuss management and leadership styles, and discern where breakdowns are occurring. A training and coaching program is then constructed to meet the unique needs of the organization and individuals. Considerable flexibility exists in the delivery method of these programs. The program designed for your organization may include.
· Coaching skliis training
· Individual coaching
· Team coaching
· Skills training (e.g. conflict resolution, effective communication, prioritizing & time management, etc.)

New! – Workplace Coaching Skills for Leaders & Managers
Available for the First Time as a Public Offering
We are pleased to announce that Workplace Coaching Skills for Leaders & Managers, previously available only as a customized program for client organizations, is being presented for the first time in a public offering. This is the program for which Adler was named a co-recipient of ICF’s prestigious PRISM Award, awarded jointly to a corporation and coaching partner to recognize outstanding organizational development through coaching. The public offering now makes this training accessible to smaller organizations that could not otherwise afford it, and makes it possible for larger organizations to preview the program before committing to a larger customized internal delivery. It's also a great opportunity for independent consultants, human resource professionals or training and development specialists to boost their coaching skills in a condensed teaching format. Participants create a personal action plan for implementation as part of the course, and we've built additional support for effective implementation of learning into the program, through 3 included monthly tele-labs (held on a telephone bridge line).

Customized Programs: Include research and design components that enable us to engage participants before they enter the classroom; to customize the program to the unique culture and needs of your organization; and to collect data that will allow you to measure impact and therefore ROI. We will be happy to create a proposal with options tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

Public offerings of Workplace Coaching Skills for Leaders & Manager:

Pilot Public Offering: Mon.-Tues., Sept. 26-27, 2005
$800 tuition for this 2-day course. Group pricing of $725 each for 2, or $650 each for 3 or more.
(Note: Pilot pricing available only until 9/26/05. Tuition will increase for future offerings.)

Thurs.-Fri., Jan. 19-20, 2006

Mon.-Tues., May 1-2, 2006

Thurs.-Fri., July 13-24, 2006

Mon.-Tues., Oct. 30-31, 2006

After 9/26/05: $900 tuition for this 2-day course. Group pricing of $825 each for 2, or $750 each for 3 or more.

Class sizes are kept very small to enhance experiential learning. Register ASAP to ensure a spot.

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